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Assembly Manufacturing Process Improvement

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Industrial Applications

SMT and Electronic Product Assembly

Electrical, Electronic
Product Assembly

Mechanical and Thermoplastic Product Assembly

Consultancy and
other Manufacturing

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  • Active WO Chart
  • Scan Operator ID
  • Circuit Board Component Assembly
  • Circuit Board Assembly Scan
  • Circuit Board Sub Assembly
  • Test Unit
  • Scan Error Code
  • Test Pie
  • Packing
  • Work Order Progress Chart
  • Search Panel

Tracking & Traceability Software:

  • Product component, materials, and process traceability.
  • Quality control records for each unique product or batch as required.

Shop-floor Production Scheduling & Monitoring:

  • Real-time visibility of production progress & quality.
  • Production performance measurements & reports.
  • Display of Operations standards, Build manuals, or other instructions to operators.
  • Product traceability & quality control records.

Increasing productivity, quality and control:

  • Through online documentation, checking, and problem tracing.
  • Eliminating the time and resources needed to compile production data and distribute paperwork.
  • With instant access to management information & scheduling control for any production size, complexity, or change.

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